Use The Cloud

In this view, you can accelerate your searches by enabling Eureqa to use the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2). Your local computer typically has only four cores, which limits its search processing speed. By temporarily using additional cores, you can search faster, deeper, and with more confidence. You can execute multiple searches simultaneously without slowing down, and you can complete in hours searches that would otherwise take days. And you only pay for what you use.


Pick the Cloud size

You can choose to add 16, 32, 64, or 160 cores. The equation search scales well with multiple cores, so doubling the number of cores will allow you to evaluate about twice as many equations in a given length of time.

Cloud pricing: The price per core per hour is listed in the "Cloud Rate" box. You won't be charged until you actually bring the additional cores online. The cores come online only when you start your search or when you press "Turn On". They turn off automatically when you exit the program or if no searches are running after each hour. "About cloud rates" links to a page with additional pricing details, and the Cloud Shutdown page gives details about both manual and automatic cloud control.

Account information

After you select a cloud size, a wizard guides you through the registration process then asks for your Amazon Access Key ID and Secret Access Key. The "Account Information" and "Current Status" sections of the interface appear after your ID and access key are verified.

  • The "Purpose" box allows you to give a descriptive name to your account.
  • The "Access ID" box shows the ID of the Amazon account currently in use (or ready to be used).
  • The "Reset" button disconnects the account and removes all stored information. (To reconnect, re-open the wizard by selecting a cloud size and re-enter your ID and access key.)
  • "Locate security keys" links to a webpage describing where to find your Amazon Access Key ID and Secret Access Key.
  • Leave "Remember Me" checked and you will only need to enter your ID and access key once.
  • "View account activity" links to Amazon's "Account Billing" webpage, which summarizes recent cloud usage and charges.

Current status

  • The "Status" box displays the number of cores that are currently online. When you bring the cloud online, it may take a minute or two for your cores to become available.
  • "Turn On" brings the cloud online.
  • "View Log" pops up a summary of recent cloud activity. The focus here is on actions performed; for information about charges click "View account activity".