Eureqa is a scientific data mining software package that searches for mathematical patterns hidden in your data. Download the program here for Windows, Linux, or Mac. An overview of Formulize can be found on the Introduction Video.

This user-guide wiki contains basic instructions and examples, as well as in-depth information for more advanced users. We welcome your suggestions and requests for improving this resource. If you're interested in contributing to the wiki directly, please contact us so we can add you as a member.

The user guide from 10,000 feet

Eureqa's user interface is organized as a set of seven tabs that correspond to the normal workflow through the program, and this user guide is organized around those tabs. The seven main pages linked to below explain the most important features and options available on each tab.

Enter Data Prepare Data Set Target Start Search View Results Analysis Tools Use The Cloud
formulize_windows_spreadsheet.jpg formulize_windows_prepare.jpg formulize_windows_target.jpg formulize_windows_progress.jpg formulize_windows_results.jpg formulize_windows_tools_quick_eval.jpg formulize_windows_cloud.jpg

User guide contents (blog posts included)

Many of those main pages link to other wiki pages or posts on the Eureqa blog that provide more detailed information. Below you'll find the seven main pages again, this time with all the pages they link to, and any other relevant pages, grouped beneath them.

Discussion groups

Both of the following groups actively discuss the current version of the program. If you're only going to join one group, we suggest you join the Eureqa group.

So you'll have maps to the whole Eureqa universe in one place, here's a site map of