Prior Solutions

Reusing a Previous or Existing Solution

Formulize attempts to identify models from scratch, however you can provide hints or a starting point for the search by entering pre-existing or related models. The option to enter these models is located in the Set Target View.

To enter a prior solution, type or copy and paste the expression into the prior solutions text box. Enter each prior solution on a separate line.

For example, to enter two prior solutions y = (x - 1) and y = sin(2*x), enter the following text:

(x - 1)

When starting or resuming a search, seeded solutions are shown in the project log in the Start Search View. The confirmation message will look like:

6:24:53PM| Search started: y = f(x, w)
6:24:53PM| Seeding solution: y = x - 1
6:24:53PM| Seeding solution: y = sin(2*x)

Complex Search Relations

Complex search relations that specify more than one formula for each solution must be entered differently. Each line must contain an expression for each fi() that appears in the Target Expression.

For example, if the search relation contains two formula such as y = f0(x)*f1(x), and the prior the model is y = (x-1)*sin(2*x), one would enter:

f0 = (x-1), f1 = sin(2*x)

Each fi() is listed with its sub-expression, each is separated by a comma, on the same line. To specify multiple prior models, enter each set of f's on a new line.