How to Find Your Security Keys

The final step to use the Formulize Cloud features is to copy and paste your EC2 security keys into the Formulize prompt. The security keys are found on your Security Credentials Page.

1. Login to the Security Credentials Page

  • Open the Security Credentials Page
  • You may be asked to login. Use the same credentials as you used to register for the Formulize Cloud Server.

2. Scroll Down to the "Access Credentials" Section


3. Select and Copy your Access Key ID into Formulize

  • In the Access Keys tab, select an active Access Key ID.
  • Be sure to select only the Access Key ID, no surrounding text or spaces.
  • Copy and paste your Access Key ID value into Formulize

4. Select and Copy your Secret Access Key into Formulize

  • Immediately to the right of the Access Key ID is your Secret Access Key, which is displayed with a link that says "show"
  • Click the "show" link to display your Secret Acecss Key
  • Be sure to select only the Secret Acecss Key, no surrounding text or spaces.
  • Copy and paste your Secret Access Key value into Formulize

5. Pasting Values into Formulize

  • Switch back to the Formulize program
  • Formulize will be asking you to enter Access Key ID and your Secret Access Key
  • Paste in the two values and hit okay to complete the Cloud setup.