Cloud Pricing

Formulize integrates with the Elastic Compute Cloud in order to accelerate its modeling algorithm. Running Formulize in the cloud dramatically increases the modeling performance, saving you time and allowing you to scale to large datasets and difficult or competitive modeling tasks.


The first time you use the cloud in Formulize, you will be asked to login to or create a new account. All billing and account management is done through From then on, Formulize will handle all the details of running and communicating with cloud servers on-demand.

The cloud price charges only for what you use. The current rate is:

$0.31 per core-hour

A core-hour is defined as the price per CPU core in the cloud, per hour (or partial hour) that you are using the cloud. You get to choose how many cores to run in the Formulize cloud display. For example, running a 10-core cloud for 1 hour at $0.31 per core-hour would total (10 cores)*(1 hour)*($0.31/core/hour) = $3.10. There is no overhead or additional cost, you are only charged by the hour for what you use.

Formulize automatically starts and stops the cloud as you search in order to minimize the total charges. Additionally, the cloud is programmed to detect when it is idle and automatically shutdown when not in use on its own.

You can view your cloud activity and account through at any time, visit the Amazon Payments Application Billing Page.

You also send questions and feedback to the Formulize team at